About Us


Valhalla Pottery is located in the Red Hills region of north Florida.  Known for its rolling hills and red clay soils, the region is rich in biological diversity, historic resources, and scenic beauty. The landscape is a mosaic of sloping hills, pines, moss covered oaks, and grassy plains.

About the Potters

Valerie Carnett and Graham Hudgens have combined experience in working with clay for over 40 years.  We work with high fire stoneware clays using glazes developed in our studio and fired in the kiln to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.  We share a passion for working with our hands and for making pots for everyday use that are well-crafted and a pleasure to use.  That can range from a mug for your first cup of coffee in the morning to a baker for preparing your favorite dinner in the evening.  We believe that farm-to-table is not a fad but a lifestyle.

In addition to the pottery, we enjoy working the gardens and the opportunity to live off our land.

About the Pots

We strive to make pots which are well-crafted and a pleasure to use.  We aim for a sturdy, understated elegance that combines beauty and durability with everyday function.  Most of the work is thrown on the wheel, although some of the pots are hand-built from clay slabs or coils.  We strive for forms which are filled with breath and energy.  All of our pots are durable, food safe, and can be used in the microwave.  However, they should not be subjected to thermal shock.


You can contact us by email at valhallapottery@yahoo.com.  Follow us on Facebook at Valhalla Pottery.  We’d love to hear from you.